Photo of ceilingThis module will acquaint you with policies, procedures, and resources related to the recruitment and selection of faculty, staff, and healthcare professionals at the University and University Medical Center. You will learn about how bias can adversely affect a search and about the practices the University has developed to mitigate those potential effects. 

This module should take approximately 35 minutes to complete. Your progress is tracked and visible via the Course Outline. You can log in and out of the system as needed to complete the module. Once completed, your certificate is valid for a period of two years after which time you must re-take the module in order to participate in future recruitment and selection processes.

You may access the module at any time, even after completion, to assist you during your search. If you need further information or materials to support your search, please click "旋风加速安卓官网" on the navigation bar. For a link to specific university or school policies, please click "Policies" on the navigation bar.

Take Course

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